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The Death of Vine

Social media giant Twitter has just dealt a major blow by discontinuing popular video service Vine. Vine was made popular for its 6-second video loops, featuring anything from the daily fun of a student’s life to the lavish lifestyles of celebrities, even intermixed with some business promotions. When asked about why this action to kill the ever-famed service was taken, Twitter didn’t cite any one specific reason. In their press releases, they have instead stated that they would like to focus on higher priority initiatives, so they are letting go of projects that don’t make the cut. It is apparent that they no longer find Vine a viable priority.

For those wondering where this leaves your social media and digital marketing efforts, there are other renowned video services to now turn to. YouTube is notorious for its video streaming, with access to millions of viewers worldwide and boundless marketing opportunities. They offer businesses in particular, many clever ways to advertise, some of which free and easy to use. YouTube also features more video storage to work with, so instead of relying on 6-second clips, long videos are welcomed with open arms. Another video service closer to the heart of Vine is Snapchat, renowned for short video clips and images that can either disappear or be kept permanently for personal use. Like Vine, these videos are kept short and sweet, so it is easy for viewers to shift through many in a short period. Businesses have embraced Snapchat as a way of interacting with customers’ daily lives, adding filters for the public to use or posting videos from their own businesses to share a piece of their workplace with everyone. Both YouTube and Snapchat have been wildly successful with their services and would be excellent sources of video advertising for business.

If you’ve spent a lot of time on Vine and fret for all of your work, don’t worry– Twitter has announced that they will keep the site operational so that you may still access and download your Vines. The only difference will be that new ones will not be posted any longer. Twitter is choosing to move forward with its efforts, and users of Vine should, too. There are many other options out there, and with this huge cut, there is no doubt that Twitter has future plans to expand its social media efforts. For more information or suggestions, or if you want work with a marketing firm that stays up to date with all of the latest social media platform and digital marketing news, contact i3 today.

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