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Twitter’s Growing Flexibility

Twitter has been updating its methods of community expression. Earlier this year, they started allowing reaction GIFs in replies, polls, and even Periscope broadcasts. Then more recently, they rolled out a new list of features to add to their user-friendly repertoire. One of the more notable – one that should definitely be considered in social media strategy – involves increasing your word count.

With a notoriously small 140-character maximum, posting anything aside from the words you absolutely need was a struggle. Any useful image taking up that valuable space was sadly scrapped in order to maximize your potential to get your message across. However, the new update has changed this. Media no longer counts as a part of your word count, meaning speak away! Your business can easily spruce up their tweets with meaningful pictures, while not having to worry about the character limit. In addition, Tweets in response to others, using @username, will no longer count the ‘@name’ portions in the character limit.

Alongside those updates, another to note is the enabling of retweeting or quote tweeting yourself, meaning you can reshare or refer back to your own posts more readily. The other is the simplification of some basic public tweeting rules, involving who can see your posts regardless of ‘@.’s.

Twitter is working towards making its platform more user-friendly and adding features that give you more power. For both personal and business purposes, these changes are ideal to give your posts more variety and allow you the power to write more, which could have been a struggle before. These changes should be taken into consideration in your social media strategy to account for the new features and flexibility when it comes to posting.

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