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The Honesty of Real Pictures

The presence of real pictures can really make a difference in your social media or website content. By real pictures, we mean pictures taken of your actual business or of you doing business, as opposed to stock images. While stock images can sometimes capture ideas, by using real images, there’s a particular added magic in posts that makes them more specific to you and more relatable to customers.

This past week I was working on preparing a quote for a potential client. In reviewing their social media and website, I realized that they did not have a single real picture of their business, an employee or an actual product. This saddens me since customers won’t truly get a feel for their business without these important additions, even if their products and services are incredible. People want to know who they are doing business with. Something as simple as having a picture of the outside of your business or a snapshot of an employee at work can be very helpful in translating your message to your customers, and giving them the right welcoming vibes on your website.

Stock images are generally easy to spot. They are usually very clean, professional looking photos without much personality. One key thing to remember is that your clients choose to do business with you, so be authentic. The photos you choose to include on your website or social media should give the real experience of doing business with you. Sometimes that is not a highly polished image. That’s okay– they want reality, not a polished fantasy. You don’t want your potential clients to expect a different experience when they meet you in person.

By showing customers real pictures, you’re giving them a glimpse of your business in a relatable, almost first-person way. By letting them see where they are about to do business, you are handing them a security blanket for comfort before they actually walk in. Letting customers get a real look at who you are and what you can provide can be a substantial stepping stone to earning their business.

If you are looking for an example, visit our about page to see pictures of our staff and get a feel for who you would be working with if you did business with i3.

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