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Optimize your #Hashtag Game

Hashtags are a daily sight in the realm of social media, but do you know how to put them to work for you and your business? It seems no-nonsense to attach related words with pound signs to social media platform posts, but with careful consideration and hashtag know-how, these little post additions can do wonders for garnering attention. Taking a little time to learn more about them can improve your social media presence greatly, as a whole.

i3hashtagsFor starters, it can be helpful to figure out what the trending hashtags are in order to use what is most popular. At i3, we like to check RiteTag to ensure that the words we use for hashtags will be seen. You can search for words and it will provide feedback on how popular they each are, as well as list popular related words. However, it is not always easy to relate the trending hashtags to what you are posting about. It is important that you do not incorporate hashtags that don’t relate to your subject matter– you’ll grab attention at the wrong times and lose your reputability. It is imperative that the words you choose are directly related to your content, or you will only receive negative reactions.

However, what you can do with trending hashtags you haven’t posted about, is use them to brainstorm ideas for new posts. If you want to appeal to a greater audience and don’t already have an idea for a post, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to figure out the day’s most popular hashtags to see if there are any events or ideas your business can relate to. Searching this way for hashtags can bring you ideas for posts, and positive attention based on your trendiness. This isn’t the most productive way to form post ideas, but when stuck, it isn’t a bad starting point on occasion.

Overall, hashtags are a helpful concept that should definitely be incorporated into your social media strategy. Whether you choose to simply add pound signs to words already in your post, or if you spend time researching which are best to use, they help categorize content in a more meaningful way for the online audience. If you have any questions of concerns, i3 would be happy to field them.

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