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YouTube Aims to Help Small Businesses

YouTube is a notorious video service, with advertising opportunities so wonderful that businesses of all types yearn for video ad quality high enough to take part in that exposure. Actually, according to a study done by Google, time spent watching on YouTube is up over 50 percent for the third consecutive year. With no better time to start video advertising on their site, YouTube recently released several tools aimed for small- and medium-sized businesses to start taking advantage of their high traffic volume. What better way to maximize YouTube’s potential than making an ad for your business, with the assistance of the video service itself?


YouTube has released this privilege on a new app, YouTube Director, that is meant to help businesses with no or small marketing budgets create their own commercial ads. The free app comes with templates, music, and editing tools that are meant to give commercials from smaller businesses the same quality of that of any other advertisements. This free service comes at no charge, and boasts all the tools YouTube deems necessary to produce a great video. This opportunity for help from the video giant itself can be a blessing if used, so give the app a look!

YouTube is also in the works of giving small businesses other methods to make commercials, from offering free directors to making automatic videos given pre-made content, but this has been minimally released thus far. For now, start taking advantage of this free app and its services. With video advertising on the rise, this update to YouTube’s services is definitely a blessing to those looking for great exposure. If you need help utilizing or understanding these services, or you want to get started working with video or other sources of digital advertising, contact i3 today.

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