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Instagram Stories Update Brings a Personal Touch

With its newest update, Instagram introduced Stories— what some say could be a new adversary for Snapchat, but more importantly, what could be a good opportunity for business. The new feature introduced a temporary lapse of pictures and videos that come together to make a slideshow that can be minimally edited, using basic drawing tools. Stories have already become a highly used feature, earning praise for their ability to give users the freedom to post as much content as they’d like without drawing negative attention, and for others to easily view all of this content to give them something of a personal experience.


Stories can encapsulate many moments throughout the day, whereas one post can only do so much. This makes them feel much more personal, when done right. Incorporating this into a little advertising strategy, especially with the new feature’s great popularity right now, could be especially useful in drawing in business. Take snapshots of your business throughout the day: the scenery from your front windows, your staff at fun meetings, your current project, etc. Anything of mild interest in Instagram Stories could earn your business some new followers. It may even draw some established fans of Snapchat over to the platform, which means more eyes that could come across your business.

While there are no filters, animations, or stickers, Instagram is offering a new way for you and your business to start posting on their platform that could certainly be incorporated into your digital marketing. Given its popularity, it may pay just to try it out. So, go on ahead. If you have any questions or concerns about this new feature, or would like i3’s services in using this and other up-to-date techniques for digital advertising, contact us today!

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