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Facebook Business Page Update

After testing it earlier this Summer, Facebook has just released a new, widespread update of its business pages. This update was just made visible to most users earlier this month, featuring several major changes that you and your business should be taking into consideration. From the overall look and feel of the pages, to how they can now function, this update can actually mean better business if utilized properly. So, what differences can be seen and how can this affect you?


First of all, the overall aesthetic of the pages has been completely altered. The cover photo and profile picture areas were moved, meaning that they no longer overlap. A few businesses have been choosing these photos with the knowledge of their placement, so these choices may now need to be reviewed. Luckily, however, the pictures are still the same size, so most businesses will not need to immediately alter anything. The right-hand side ads have also been completely removed from the desktop pages, for an overall cleaner, less busy feel.

More importantly, Facebook altered the page functionality as a whole. They now feel much more like traditional websites, forgoing the typical Facebook tabs for navigation, and instead introducing a smoother, left-hand side method of browsing the pages. The option to browse a business’ about page, likes, and other such information has also been made more easily navigable, so these sections should definitely be cleaned and beefed up, to be ready for more customers taking an interest.

Lastly, the call to action button on business Facebook pages has been made much more prominent and up for manipulation. Businesses now have the opportunity to use this button to aim their customers as they’d like, whether it be with a ‘Shop Now’ button directing them to their online store, a ‘Watch This’ button to start a video, or even a ‘Learn More’ option, leading to the about page of their actual website. This higher-visibility call to action button will surely be earning more customer clicks, so it should be configured for the change with an interesting name and purpose.

Make the most of these alterations, and have this Facebook update work for you and your business. If you feel at a loss of how to work with these new changes, you can always give us here at i3 a call. We’ll be more than happy to explain and alter your business page as necessary.

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