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Learn More About i3!

https://youtu.be/NWzH9j5dukM i3 Media Solutions is a digital-forward, creative agency that works with businesses across the United States. We help with a wide variety of needs, including website design, social media,…

Published 7 months ago
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Join Social Circle!

https://youtu.be/GX3IpceohtA Hey, friends! We're here to invite you to join Social Circle. We know that great brands don't just have employees and customers, they have Circles! Learn more about ours…

Published 7 months ago
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Mini Hashtag Session

  Hashtags are how you grow and engage on social media, but which ones should you be using for your business? We're here to help! If you want a Mini…

Published 7 months ago
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Being Authentic

https://youtu.be/YPkn1Bm-rnM Let's talk about being authentic: in-person, online, and in all of your marketing efforts. How do you be true to yourself and your business? Here's Frankie with some insight!…

Published 7 months ago
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Insight2Income Starting September 15th!

https://youtu.be/M6dwceV7H5E Time is running out to sign up for our upcoming Insight2Income session! Starting September 15th, this 10-week marketing program is for anyone looking to see their marketing efforts turn…

Published 7 months ago
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Social Media Services

https://youtu.be/rijFoJ8xvBc In addition to our social media management services, the team at i3 Media Solutions also offers: ✧ Social Prompts - A service that delivers marketing tips, tricks, and plenty…

Published 7 months ago
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Facebook and Instagram Lives with Frankie

https://youtu.be/dIpG3XvKk-s Join our Creative Director, Frankie, on Live every Thursday at 10am (AZ time)! She's ready to help you with answers to any questions, share our best tips and tricks,…

Published 7 months ago
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Marketing Moments

https://youtu.be/RFkhVLPrh4w Join a group that's all about providing business professionals with the tools they need to succeed in marketing! Marketing Moments is for like-minded professionals, giving them space to brainstorm,…

Published 7 months ago
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Super Social

https://youtu.be/mVPRtn-_ARg If your business needs help performing well on social media, we're here to guide you! Whether you need help starting off strong or improving what you've already begun, our…

Published 7 months ago


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