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3 Ways to Increase Your Conversions with Social Media Marketing blog image

3 Ways to Increase Your Conversions with Social Media Marketing

For businesses, social media marketing isn’t about likes, follows, or engagement. Those things may be helpful, but the end goal is sales! Many people lose track of this goal while they’re busy just trying to remember to post on social media every week, but it’s crucial that you focus on this if you want to see the results. It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of followers if they’re not converting into clients.

So, here are three ways that you can increase your conversions through social media marketing:

1. Use clear calls to action!

Your audience will need clear directions if you want them to follow through for you. This varies depending on your end goal, but whatever methods of conversion you’re using, just lead them to it. Calls to action can be used in your profile descriptions, your Story, and in all of your posts. Try using wording like this: ‘give us a call,’ ‘shop online here’, or ‘use the link in my bio.’

2. Utilize buttons and profile descriptions!

You should be taking advantage of these areas to funnel traffic, incorporating calls to action and buttons, when available, to direct your audience where to go right away. Your most valuable way of converting clients should be your goal in this area, whether that’s direction traffic to your website, phone, or otherwise. Buttons are especially helpful because their placement on your business profile gives your call to action and link prominence that will get it noticed.

3. Let’s talk about links!

Links are crucial to converting, so you should share them at every opportunity. With every social media post you make, you should include a link– unless that post goes to Instagram, where links will not work. There, you’ll need to direct people to see your profile link! Profiles are also an important place for links, as you will usually have the option over social media to share one or more links in your description. Take this as your chance to link to places where you can convert your audience– your online store, your website’s contact page, or your booking site.

If you need help getting the results you want out of social media marketing, we’re here to help! We’ll craft a custom strategy for your business focusing on getting the results that you want to see. Let’s get started! Set up a free consultation with us.

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