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How to Market Through Broadcast Channels on Instagram

Meta recently released a new feature on Instagram called Broadcast Channels! These look similar to their direct messages, except they’re made for one-way communication. This feature was implemented to give creators and businesses the ability to directly reach multiple people at a time. Meta’s goal with Broadcast Channels is to provide businesses with a way to easily share updates and peaks behind-the-scenes as well as easily get feedback from their fans.

This feature is only available to certain creator accounts at this time. However, it’s expected to begin rolling out to others soon. Once you have the ability to start a Broadcast Channel, take the opportunity! You’ll want to start by coming up with a name, choosing your audience, setting a channel end time, and setting it up to display on your profile. Then, you’ll need to create an audience! To invite people to join it, you can: share the link, add the channel to your Story, and also share specific messages from the channel to your Story.

What can you send to these channels?

Similar to direct messages, you can send text, images, videos, voice notes, and reactions! However, you can also create polls to get feedback from your audience. Your channel audience will only be able to react to your messages and vote in your polls. So, this is a convenient way to share news and updates to your community without any spammy responses.

Watch for when Broadcast Channels are available to your personal and business accounts. They can be a useful tool! You may want to create a special channel for your existing clients. Or, you can simply make one for anyone interested in keeping up with your business. However you choose to use them, we’d be happy to help! Get in touch with us! Let’s talk about social media marketing and your business.

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