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How to Gain More REAL Instagram Followers – Part 2 blog image

How to Gain More REAL Instagram Followers – Part 2

We’re not done sharing our best tips and tricks for organic growth of Instagram followers. So, we’re back for part two!

We’re believers in finding REAL Instagram followers. This doesn’t mean spam or bot accounts, or people who aren’t even interested in your business. That’s why we’re here to share tips to help you get real attention from real people. Here are some great ways you can find growth in your Instagram marketing strategy:

1. Share reminders to find and follow your Instagram page!

There are many ways to accomplish this, including adding your username onto your business cards, linking to your Instagram on your website and other business profiles, and even telling people in-person that they can find your business there.

2. Run contests to encourage engagement.

Now, you can’t simply keep giving away free stuff. However, once in a while, a contest can be a good incentive for your audience to help you reach new followers! By enticing people to like, comment, follow, and share as a part of your contest rules, you’ll likely gain new followers, reach the friends and family of your current clients, and your page will benefit from the engagement of the amount of likes and follows coming in.

3. Create educational content through carousels.

Carousels are multiple-picture posts, which users can easily scroll through. Utilizing these for education will keep your viewers scrolling through them and may increase the amount of shares and saves you get, boosting your post’s performance.

4. Engage with other accounts through likes, follows, and comments.

These interactions are a great way to build connections between your business and your audience. This includes current clients, potential leads, and your friends in business. In order to encourage their support and give them a feeling of connection to you, engage with their posts from time to time!

5. Utilize a distinct, relatable voice for your brand!

You don’t want your business page to sound robotic. It should sound friendly, and at least partially professional, but you’ll want to relate to your audience and ideal clients. That means you’ll want to approach them with a voice that makes them feel comfortable, like they’re talking to a friend. This will vary depending on who your ideal clients are!

Try out a couple of these ideas and then take a good look at your results! If they didn’t work the way you wanted them to, you can make adjustments and try again or move on to try out other strategies. The important thing to remember is that organic growth, including Instagram followers, is usually slow and steady. Don’t give up if your business doesn’t go viral overnight!

We’re here to help! Let’s get started talking about social media marketing with a free consultation.

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