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How to Gain More REAL Instagram Followers – Part 3 blog image

How to Gain More REAL Instagram Followers – Part 3

We’re back to share some more of our favorite ways for businesses to reach and connect with real people over Instagram! If you’re looking to grow your number of Instagram followers and start finding more success on social media, we’re here with some guidance.

Here are some more of our favorite tips and tricks for gaining real followers on Instagram:

1. Optimize your hashtag use!

There are so many different recommendations for the number of hashtags to use out there. Some people suggest 3-5 while others are saying to slap over 30 onto each of your posts. We’re here to suggest that you focus on just making sure that the hashtags you use are the best ones for your post. Using the most popular hashtag won’t get you the same results as using one that’s smaller but very specific to what you do. Take a good look at what hashtags you’re picking to narrow down your choices to only the most relevant ones.

2. Tag other people and businesses in your content.

When your posts, Stories, or Reels include another business or person that has an Instagram account, make sure to tag them! This will not only help foster connections, but can help get your post shared and seen by more people, including their Instagram followers.

3. Get interactive on your Instagram Stories!

One way to encourage audience engagement is by posting interactive features. This includes things like polls, questions, and more! This can entice new and current followers to interact with you, and the more engagement your page gets from real people, the better.

4. Create engaging Highlights that will draw people in to your business.

When someone is visiting your profile for the first time, they’re going to have to decide whether to hit that follow button or not. Your Highlights can make a big difference in convincing them! Create Highlights that easily describe your business to people. Consider implementing categories like: about, products/services, and reviews to educate quickly about what your business does and also to showcase what makes you unique.

5. Utilize real photos and, if needed, get comfortable with the basics of photo editing.

If you don’t already have a photographer that takes and edits your business’ photos for you, you’ll want to get comfortable with taking pictures so that you have real ones to share on your social media pages. The best way to draw in people to your business is by being authentic and unique– that means showing real photos!

As you start trying new things, make sure to check your results! Take note of what’s working and what isn’t. It’s easy to fall into a routine, but instead of getting comfortable, you’ll want to keep tracking your success. That way, you can make adjustments to improve your performance.

We’re ready to help your account grow! Let’s set up a free consultation to talk about social media marketing.

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