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How to Utilize the Most Recent LinkedIn Algorithm Updates

Social media platforms are always changing, so when updates happen, they’re usually not a surprise. LinkedIn’s recent update may not have been a surprise, but it may have drastically changed the way your feed looks! That’s because LinkedIn has decided to focus their algorithm back on keeping things professional, so you’re less likely to see personal updates and other posts irrelevant to you and your business.

Now, how do you use these updates to your advantage?

Let’s review what they’ve shared about the algorithm shift and how you can make this work!
1. Avoid non-professional content.

As mentioned above, the platform has shared that they’re trying to avoid the popularity of posts that feel personal. So, you can expect that any casual posts with updates from daily life, like you may see from your friends on Facebook, won’t be showing up. Ensure that you’re avoiding these types of posts! Stick to business.

2. Stay relevant.

Straying from personal topics is a good start, but you should strive to keep your content as relevant to your business as possible on LinkedIn. Why? Because the platform has announced that they’ll be giving a priority to first-degree connections and posts that have relevance to the user. This means that you should focus on posts that appeal and apply to your business connections, not just new audiences, while also remaining true to your business.

3. Focus on sharing valuable knowledge and insights.

That’s right– LinkedIn has shared that their new focus is going to be on highlighting posts where experts share their knowledge. This is a great opportunity for you and your business! It’s time to get to work with sharing your expertise. What tips and tricks can you post about? Can you share some industry insights your clients and connections might be interested in? Whatever knowledge you have to convey, now is the time to share it.

Adjusting your social media marketing to stay on top of updates is important to your online success. Changes like this are implemented based on user preferences and trends, so not only will you be appealing to the algorithm, but to the people you’re trying to share your message with. If you want some help with your social media marketing, we’d love to chat! Set up a free consultation with our team.

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