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How to Write a Month of Social Media Content in One Day

Mastering your social media strategy as a business owner can be a difficult task; you already have plenty on your plate! That’s part of the reason why it’s so crucial that you plan out each part of your strategy in a way where you can easily maintain it. When it comes to creating your social media posts, we recommend making this simple by planning out your content and writing it in one day a month that you can set aside. Putting one month into one day may seem like a difficult task, but we’re here to help explain how to accomplish this! Let our experts guide the way:

1 – Start with a plan. – The easiest way to get started with this habit is by outlining the important details. Begin by deciding what goals you want to accomplish, how many posts you want to write, what topics they will cover, which dates they will be posted on, and then taking images to use for each topic.

2 – Set aside some time to write. – The best way to accomplish this task may be in one, productive sitting. We recommend writing all of your posts at once in order to ensure your thoughts and plans are fresh and focused throughout the process. Write with your notes easily on hand, where you can clearly tell what your topics and goals are for each post.

3 – Piece together the details. – After you’ve written your posts, ensure you have calls-to-action, links, hashtags, post dates, and images all ready to be used! Keep these saved somewhere where you can easily find and post them, whether you are planning to use scheduling software (we have some, if you want the ease of automation! (link)) or post them manually.

We hope this helps you start a productive routine while creating your social media content, no matter what adjustments you make to better suit you. If you would like some further assistance, you can find more social media marketing guidance in our Marketing Guide Workbook or more thorough, hands-on help with our marketing experts through social media management!

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