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Why Branding Your Social Media Graphics Matter & How It Can Bring You More Business

Branding your social media graphics can matter big-time for your business. This may include utilizing your logo, specific colors and fonts, as well as other aspects that help create the ‘look’ of your business. No matter which social media platform you’re using, you’ll want people across all networks to be able to recognize your brand through your images at a glance. Creating that memorable brand image will catch your audience’s eyes and remind them, “hey, I recognize that business!” The more people see your brand in places they’re spending time online (Facebook, Pinterest, Google searches, Instagram, etc) the higher probability that they will remember you the next time they’re looking for what you sell. This probability increases greatly when you brand your images!

Let’s further discuss why branding your social media graphics is so important and the different ways it can actually bring you more business:

1 – It makes your brand memorable. Doesn’t everyone want their brand to be memorable? You want your brand to stand out online and by using your branding on your social media graphics, people will begin to recognize your brand from a quick glance alone. Anytime they see something that resembles your brand, they’ll remember it. If you can get someone to have your brand in the back of their minds, you’ll have them forever.

2 – It attracts your ideal customers. Using your brand colors and design within your social media graphics can tell a lot about your brand to people online. We use these colors intentionally. Your brand images that you use on social media can convey a lot about your brand before anyone even clicks over to your site. Thinking of basic color psychology, the palette chosen can even influence your viewers. By using colors and branding that resonates with your ideal customers, you can start to attract new followers on social media.

3 – It makes your images shareable. The fact is, if you share beautiful, gorgeous images on social media, they’re more likely to be shared. Part of the entire premise of using social media for your business is to connect with your followers and for them to share your business with the people that are following them. Using your branding on your social media posts can help make your images more shareable (especially on Facebook and Pinterest). You’ll want to brand your social media images in case your followers share your posts with an audience that might not be familiar with you yet.

4 – Visuals can tell a story much more than words. You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words?” It may be cliché, but it’s true. Visuals can enhance your brand in ways that the written text can’t. Being consistent across social media platforms with the types of graphics you share will help your audience begin to recognize your brand everywhere they go.

Overall, branding your social media images is a great way of creating a sense of brand recognition and drawing in new customers. i3 Media Solutions can help you create a logo, color palette, and font selection to form a brand for your business. Our experts can also help you utilize this information into your website, social media strategy, and all graphics used for your business. Let’s get started with a free consultation!

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