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How to Fill an Event’s Registration with Digital Marketing

Events are a great way for your business to connect and engage with not only your current clients, but your community, giving you a chance to reach more people in an interactive way. Throughout the past year, events have become even more so important means of connecting, as virtual events have risen in popularity and many in-person ones have been canceled or postponed in the wake of the pandemic. One hurdle that you may run into is figuring out just how to market these upcoming events and fill up your registration, but this issue is one that digital marketing is here to help you overcome. Give these tips a try for helping fill in your event registration:

1. List your events on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google My Business. Putting your upcoming events into places where they can be easily found is a good way to ensure anyone can find this information, whether it’s through the event listing itself, by visiting your business page, or even through seeing one of their friends register for it. This provides an easy place for you to list all of the details needed, track registrations, and even provide updates as the date approaches.

2. Make frequent posts about your upcoming events to spread the word and remind your audience. Sometimes reminders need to happen before a true conversion is made and many consumers will wait until an event or deadline is nearing to make such decisions. As such, making posts about once a week about an upcoming event should help keep the information fresh on others’ minds.

3. Asking your friends, family, staff, and those who register to share your event information. When someone shares a post, the post reach is then expanded to their connections, if not further. By simply asking within a post, or personally, for others to share your message, you can earn some valuable reach and find many people that may not have ever heard of your business before.

4. Making eye-catching, informative event graphics. Throughout this process, one of the key aspects of your success in sharing posts and events is in using media to get across your message. Create graphics for your event that include the title, date, and time, as well as manner of attending (virtual, in-person location, which platform, etc.). Ensure that from the graphic, your audience will understand the basics of the event and its subject, whether that is included in the title, in some sub-text, or through even the background image. Just make sure your image is easy to read and sized right across social media platforms.

When you’re hoping to fill an event, these forms of digital marketing can be of huge help in ensuring your registration fills up! Feel free to give any of them a try for yourself, but if you’d like some help in the process of marketing your events, contact the experts at i3 Media Solutions! We offer a variety of marketing services to help you meet your goals, including boosting your event attendance.  

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