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How to Engage on Social Media as Your Business

Having a strategy is no longer enough to optimize your business’ social media performance. Customers crave connection and one of the best ways to provide that is by engaging with them as your brand. On top of running a frequent posting schedule, we recommend interacting with your clients on social media as frequently as possible. Here are some ways to start engaging on social media as your business:

– Reply to your comments, messages, and tags! One of the simplest ways to start engaging is by replying when someone interacts with your business. This may happen through comments on your posts, messages in your inbox, or when someone tags your business. You’ll want to reply by answering questions, thanking them for their support, and generally, replying as you would a conversation.

– Post Stories. This doesn’t mean just the occasional marketing-themed Story to supplement your posts, but daily ones to showcase your work, your location, your new projects. Updating your Story throughout your work day can be a great way to bring some personal flair and fun, letting people see your business through your eyes.

– Follow your customers, businesses you work with, and brands similar to yours. Not only will this help you in getting to know their tastes and your competitors’ strategies, but this is also an opportunity for you to network as well as stay close to your customers. Like and comment on their posts when you see fit, especially if their posts relate to your work.

Overall, engaging is about organically forming a connection through social media. This can help you in forming long-lasting relationships as well as in building a brand personality, which will give your clients a strong understanding of your business. Making engagement a part of your social media strategy is key to performing well, but you may need some help in finding the time to create these online relationships. That’s where i3 Media Solutions comes in– let us fill in the gaps in your marketing strategy! We can start with a free consultation, set up through our Facebook page.

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