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SEO Strategies to Boost Local Attention

Running a small business? No matter your size or specialty, it’s important to take advantage of your local status! Not only do local search benefits earn you local attention, but they can also catch the attention of other businesses and earn you both local and traveling customers! So, how do you boost your local marketing? A good way to start is by checking out these tips for engaging traffic with local-centered SEO!

1 – Embrace local directories, other businesses, and their linking power! Review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Chambers of Commerce, or others focusing on local information, which can be crucial to impressing customers in your area. Many rely on these sites for information, helping them make their choices among industry competitors, and general ideas of where to visit! (For more info on taking advantage of review sites, check out our blog!)

2 – While we’re mentioning review sites, make sure that you’re encouraging reviews! Earning reviews and testimonials from customers can be a huge draw to potential customers. They can help to demonstrate your business’ reliability, quality, and responsibility! It’s also important to acknowledge and reply to your reviews, especially if any negative ones happen to come in. Taking responsibility and addressing concerns in a professional tone can do wonders to correct negative perceptions.

3 – Keep location in mind during keyword research, content-writing and while inputting meta titles and descriptions! Include descriptive keywords about your location, such as area or city-related words. These features can ensure your location is a prominent descriptor of your business for both customers and search engines, meaning more visibility for local searchers.

4 – Ensure your contact information, business number and location are correct across all platforms. This step is often overlooked or left unmaintained. How are interested customers supposed to get in contact with you if the correct information isn’t put out there? This step will ensure that anyone trying to reach out isn’t let down or left searching for the right details. The location aspect will let Google and other search engines correctly map your customers to you and suggest you based on location.

5 – Claim your business via Google! Telling this search engine giant that you own your business gives you control features, and you can also ensure that the information that they provide is correct this way!

This list is an excellent starter to get you on the right track with local search engine optimization, but feel free to contact i3 for any questions or assistance with SEO! Give us a call today!  

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