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8 Important SEO Metrics to Keep an Eye On

Maintenance is crucial to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but performing maintenance would be done blindly if not for taking a look at the data behind your work’s success. Taking a good look at the numbers behind your SEO will tell you which areas are lacking, which are performing well, and which to focus on moving forward. However, there are many types of data behind websites and deciding which are most important to monitor can be a hassle. Let us break some of the important ones down for you!

1 – Keyword rankings – Keywords are crucial to how search engines relay the content on your site, so building up the proper keyword vocabulary and implementing it is of high importance. Tracking how well your keywords are functioning for you can assist with search engine rankings and finding the optimal customers through these platforms.

2 – Backlinks and referring domains – Link building is a huge part of SEO, since it has a great deal to do with how traffic is being channeled to your website, and increasing these numbers can increase traffic as a whole. It’s also important to note the sources of these links, whether credible, or local websites are referring back to your business.

3 – Organic search traffic – Organic traffic is the dream when it comes to SEO, because attention and good rankings from search engines are critical to improving your results. Measuring your traffic from search engines and ensuring that these numbers continue to grow is a good signal that your SEO work is paying off.

4 – Returning users – If users are returning to your site, your marketing efforts to regain their attention or to draw in the right visitors are probably paying off. If your return visitor count is low, there may be issues with conversion.

5 – Bounce rate – How quickly are visitors leaving your website? If the bounce rate is high, there may be issues with your website’s load time, drawing in the right visitors, or with catching interest in general.

6 – Pages per visitor – If your visitors aren’t visiting multiple pages, there’s a possibility that your website’s usability is poor. Usability engages customers to continue learning more about your business and drives conversion, so it’s important to keep an eye on.

7 – 404 errors – If your SEO is working to drive visitors to your site, but the pages aren’t actually loading correctly, then there’s a major issue. The wasted effort and the inability of visitors to interact with your business are both major sources of suffering.

8 – Conversions – If your website isn’t converting visitors into customers, then the payoff for your SEO work simply isn’t there. This is a critical metric to track, because the end goal of your marketing is to earn more business; but if this goal isn’t being attained, there’s been a major error in the process as a whole.

If you’re having trouble with tracking these metrics or you want to learn more about data and what it means, go check out SEO Dashboards! They offer a Free Digital Website Review to start you off and various other tools and services to keep you on the right track with your SEO.

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