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How to Show Viewers that You Love What You Do

One way to make your business seem more ‘human’ is by talking about yourself, how you connect with the field you’re in and the work you do! Showing that you enjoy and believe in what you’re doing is a great way to demonstrate that you’re a genuine business with a passionate owner– this can have major consumer appeal. Here are a few ways that you can show just how much you love what you do!

– Post work-related pictures. Whether it’s an occasional selfie at the office, professional headshots, pictures of the whole team, or even you at an out-of-office but work-related event, pictures help connect you to your audience and showing them your smile can help display that you’re enjoying your work.

– Share information about your background in your field. Have prior experience, an education, or even awards related to the industry you work in? Sharing that information can show your continued passion and how its grown over the years, as well as prove your hard-earned experience!

– Get personal! Share some occasional details about your personal life, your individual thoughts about the work you do, and other details like posts from you in first-person! These all add in an extra, personal flair that tie in your work to your life and can make your business’ page seem much more relatable and human.

Being more relatable and genuine as a business is a major task to take on, but showing how much you love what you do can be of major help! Providing insight into your own life and how it correlates with work makes your business page more personal, even if you keep up a strictly-professional appearance most of the time. Seeing the face behind the business and getting to know the owner can both help draw in more of an audience who trust and feel a personal tie to your business. Contact i3 to learn more or to get started focusing on being genuine!

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