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Steps to Help Users Fall in Love with Your Business

February is the month of love, so it’s about time we talk about how to help your business do some romancing! Not in the literal way, of course, but your business needs to be charming your customers online in order for them to feel brand loyalty– so how can that be accomplished? We’re here to explain three major steps to help your online viewers fall in love with your business this month:

1 – Share customer reviews. Sharing customers reviews is as simple as it comes! Take reviews you’ve earned on Facebook, Yelp, Google, or even through customer appreciation cards and put them to use in posts. Remember to thank your customers for their kind words and that adding snippets of the review into a picture can help make a bigger statement. Need more reviews? Try asking! 

2 – Re-share customer content. Have you been tagged in a photo, story, or post? Re-share that content and, if you can, comment on it to show your appreciation! Not only can you re-share, re-tweet, or re-gram across different platforms, but if customers post about your products or services frequently enough, why not ask about making them a more permanent referral partner or influencer for your brand?

3 – Offer rewards to return customers, referral partners, and influencers. Rewarding loyalty is one of the best ways to help spread it! It can be as simple as offering them a discount, special sales, or promo codes to call their own, but calling attention to them to show appreciation it a great means of maintaining their love for your brand as well as attracting new customers. Show new customers that you’re a brand that is worth the love!

This month of love, spend some of your efforts focusing on how to help both your current customers and online viewers fall even further in love with your business. Brand loyalty can seem difficult to foster, but harnessing these steps will help you make the most of it! Need more help cultivating an audience that cares? Call i3 today!

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