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How to Get Customer Reviews and Why to Start Now

According to research conducted by BrightLocal, approximately 70% of consumers will leave a review for a business when asked. Why is this important information to hold on to? Reviews are everywhere. They pop up on search engines, local listings, and even on Google maps– they’re inescapable. So, when a customer is looking for a business to trust, your good reviews or lack thereof do a lot to influence their decision to choose your business over your competitors. Let us give you a more in-depth look at how the numbers add up, and what you can do to turn these facts into your benefit.

Restaurants, hotels, and small business specialists (such as florists, therapists, etc) are all especially closely-watched when it comes to reviews, but all other businesses can also be under this scrutiny. When searching for a business, many customers will base their first impressions entirely on online findings, and the visibility of reviews plays a major role in this. Reviews can be critical in earning customers trust– in fact, 90% of consumers feel that they can trust a business after reading 10 positive reviews. Furthermore, 87% of customers claim they want to see three- to five-star reviews about a business before they will consider using them. This is a huge indicator that reviews are crucial, so in regards to the statistic above about requesting reviews, consider finding ways to ask them of your customers.

Asking your customers for reviews can come in many forms, from straightforward methods to more low-key suggestions. After a service, it can be simple enough to just request that they leave you a review on your social media platforms. Some businesses find it convenient to leave requests for reviews on receipts, or to offer specials requiring one. For instance, you can advertise a percentage off if they check in during their visit and leave you a review. These methods can all be vital in earning you the attention you need to become a trusted business online, so incorporating them can be a critical move for your marketing plan. For more information on these tactics or more tips on how to step up your digital marketing, contact i3 today for more information.

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