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How to Turn Customer Reviews Into Social Media Posts

When someone refers someone to your business, they’re giving you their vote of confidence so that the new potential customer already has some trust in you. However, not everyone comes to your business as a referral and most first impressions happen online. So then, how do you earn the confidence of online viewers, like you would with a referral? The answer is simple– with some great customer testimonials! Earning customer reviews to ‘wow’ your online viewers is a great goal to have in itself, but implementing these reviews can also give you a wonderful boost in your social media posts! Let us walk you through the process.

1 – Earn the customer feedback. Collecting reviews to work with can be as simple as asking for it! Consider leaving out a jar for clients to submit reviews, adding contact forms to your website, or even asking face-to-face after your client meetings. Yelp, Google My Business, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and your website are all great platforms to start your collection! No matter how you choose to collect your client feedback, asking can be a great way to start the flow of comments.

2 –  Turn your reviews into social media posts. Pick your favorite reviews and type them up to share! Try to keep them simple and sweet, with the quote and your client’s first name, and only a short comment if you choose to add anything else. Make the post about their words– don’t distract by adding too much more text! 

3 – Add images to your posts! Social media posts perform better when media is attached, so why not take the review and made it into a basic image, too? Make sure you choose a plain background and a clear font. You might find it useful to shorten the review or leave out the client’s name for the image, just to ensure it’s still visually appealing.

4 – Share your clients’ posts about your business. Were you tagged in someone’s story? Did someone mention you in a post? Was your business tagged in some client pictures? Why not share them yourself? Re-tweet, share, and save these client interactions to both encourage these activities and to use them to your advantage.

You’re now ready to start utilizing your customer feedback for social media! Get involved with your clients and their online feedback and start spreading the word about your business. To learn more about earning client reviews, read on here! To learn more about utilizing them for social media, or for more help in mastering your digital marketing, contact i3 today!  

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