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Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2020

As marketing trends evolve over time, it’s important to keep an eye out for which ones are growing in order to watch and follow along with their success. As 2020 begins, we’d like to review a few areas we’ve seen with tremendous growth in importance, with the suggestion that they’ll continue to grow with more focus in the upcoming year. Here are a few digital marketing trends we think you should watch in 2020:

– Interactive marketing. Giving your customers reasons to interact and engage with your marketing efforts further connects you to them, and there have been many recent updates to help these interactions! Facebook’s new ice-breaker questions and Instagram’s increasing activity options for stories continue to be major sources of inspiration and useful resources to help connect customers directly with their favorite brands. We expect these updates to continue, as well as for the desire for customers to get these opportunities to make an impact with the brands they love.

– User-generated content. Social media influencers are on the rise, as is the consumer desire to feel as important as one! Using customer content through post and story shares, sharing reviews, and any other means you can think of not only gives you free content to use for marketing, but it shows your dedication to reward your customers as well as deepening your connection to them.

– User experience. When it comes to website design and other aspects of your marketing efforts, user experience should be a first and foremost priority. There has been an increasing focus on giving viewers the best experience possible– something unique and simple to use, while also being a good reflection of your business. Ideally, businesses want to give their customers an atmosphere unlike any other that they will still relate to and enjoy.

To make your brand truly stand out in the coming year, focus on your audience and refining your strategy with what they’ll really want to see. Incorporating these aspects and focusing on giving your optimal customers the right experience when interacting with your business will help you to build your brand with genuine strides this new year. To learn more or for help in achieving this, contact i3!

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