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Two New Facebook Updates for Businesses

Facebook has been consistent with unveiling new and improved resources and capabilities for business pages, so it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest releases in order to start taking full advantage. Its latest improvements are based around messenger, with measures made to encourage and assist audiences in connecting with businesses directly. Allow us to explain more about what they are and what to be prepared for below:

1 – Commonly-asked questions. Business pages now display common questions for viewers to ask, right on the business page itself, which will lead to messenger when selected. These will prompt page viewers to businesses directly for information such as their hours, availability, and location. These simple questions are easy to answer, but will help to bridge the gap between customers and businesses, with a direct link between them in messenger contact.

2 – Click to Messenger ads. Business ads now have the opportunity to add a link to message the business directly, meaning you can link viewers directly to speak to you on Facebook itself. This supplies messenger as another direct form of contact to suit your call to action, so give your customers a prompt in these ads to ensure they reach out to you in a way that will convert sales. For instance, you can suggest that they ask to set up an appointment time directly in this manner.

Using these new integrations with Messenger, you can expect to have more customers reaching out to your business in this manner and should therefore keep an eye on your page for messages. Expect to be fielding some of these commonly-asked questions from Facebook, so have someone ready to answer with any information they may be requesting. We recommend having your Facebook business page checked at least once a day during business hours, to help avoid any delays and to ensure no questions or other messages from potential customers reaching out go unanswered.

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