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Social Media Post Guidelines

When building a social media post, there are a good handful of key components that you should keep in mind! No matter the length of your post, these parts are all crucial and should be considered while you’re creating them. Check out our six basic guidelines for building the optimal post for social media below!

– The Hook is the first part of your post– it’s what earns your audience’s attention. Try to make it interesting, with a fact or fun introduction! Just make sure to keep it simple and sweet while also staying relevant.

– The Purpose is the real reason behind your post! This is the message, information, or agenda you want to convey. This is the “meat” of your post, so make sure your message is clear to make it count! If you’re building a post that’s shorter, this may even be in the same sentence as your hook, just make sure you have a message in mind!

– The Call-to-Action is what drives your audience to act after reading your post! Try to keep this short and concise, with a clear action you’ll encourage your audience to take! For example, you could be asking for a phone call, a comment, a follow, for users to visit a page of your website, or even for them to fill out a form you link to!

– Your Number is your business’ contact, included to make sure your audience can easily get ahold of you! Make it a part of every post to encourage viewers to reach out to you! It may be important to remember to include your area code, so don’t leave that part out!

– The Link can be a link to your website, event, another account of yours, or even an external source that you’re sharing from. This can also help keep your audience engaged, or provide them with further information easily. This can also help you build a system of sharing links to your website, which can prove important for search engine optimization (SEO).

– The Hashtags are a critical part of your posts, with an infinite range to pick from or create to suit your needs! Pick hashtags relevant to your posts in order to best catch the attention of your optimal viewers. You can also use hashtags to categorize your own business’ posts, making them easy to sort, especially if you make specific ones for your business. Consider adding in some for your services or products, just ensure that they’re unique to your business in particular!

Feel free to use this guide, or infographic, as your checklist when reviewing the social media posts you’ve created! With these aspects in mind, you should be ready to craft a successful post, with all the right components to make the most of your effort. Give a try for yourself, or contact i3’s social media experts for more help!

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