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3 Key Rules of Social Media Professionalism 

Social media has an unspoken etiquette that all businesses and professionals should abide by, in order to best connect to your audience and protect your business’ reputation. Acting out can not only mean you get poor results from social media, but you can actually end up turning customers away from your business with poor usage. Check out these crucial aspects to keep in mind:

– Maintain professionalism. Try to avoid mentioning political, religious, or other subjects that may upset or marginalize your audience. While you can include fun subjects and make conversational posts, it’s best to remember that you’re still representing your business. This applies to your posts, replies to comments and reviews, and even private messages. 

– Introduce your business over time. When meeting someone, it’s only polite to introduce yourself. Well, online, you never know when you’ll be making a first impression. Thread in information about your business in your posts over time, focusing on continually telling your audience more about yourself and what you do.

– Be human. Making a good first impression online sometimes comes down to how human you can come across, even through a screen. Convincing your audience to feel a connection to you and your business can be the make-or-break aspect in earning their trust. This can be done by sharing reviews, posting staff photos, or in personal business information like the origin story or owner background.

Remembering these suggestions will help set you up for success on social media, with the right etiquette to maintain a good online presence. It’s important to find the right voice for your business, in order to maintain professionalism while also relating to your ideal customers. i3 can help you in establishing and maintaining a positive online presence that will help you to form and secure connections with your optimal audience! Contact us today to get started! 

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