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Why Is Social Media Important For Business?

Social media has been so well-incorporated into the daily lives of many people, with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter– it can seem as though people are always scrolling past one platform or another just about all times. With this growing usage, it’s becoming ever more crucial for businesses to get included in this past time in order to get noticed, but why exactly is that? Social media marketing is of rising importance, but there are many contributing factors to this to take into consideration.

– Search engines love fresh, unique content. To rank high on search engines, your business needs to earn their attention by consistently producing fresh, creative content. What better suits this need than consistent social media posts? Posting frequently across platforms can have a great, positive impact on your SEO.

– Social media is relationship-building. Social media platforms were made popular by their incredible capability of connecting people and helping them to stay in touch. When you make a business page on any platform for your business, you’re allowing other people and businesses to connect in a direct, familiar way. So many people are used to keeping in touch with others over social media– by giving your business a social media presence, you’re allowing the same connections to happen in a professional manner, too.

– Targeting an audience has been made easy. No matter the audience you’re trying to market to, social media provides infinite possibilities when it comes to narrowing your focus on them. From the broadest decision of which platforms you post on, down to when you post and even which hashtags you use, social media allows you to narrow your marketing scope with every decision you make. Having the ability to properly narrow down your reach to your optimal customer base can bring you more results with less hassle.

– Customer engagement is high and simple. As scrolling through social media platforms is a daily habit for many people, they’re often most comfortable with the simplicity of engaging with others through it. All it takes is the tap of a button and they’ve liked or followed a new page that they’re interested in. Since this minimal action is all you need to earn engagement, it’s one of the easiest forms to gather. Handing out business cards, flyers, or hoping that someone will bookmark your website are all dependent on far more energy-requiring activities for your customers. Social media keeps it easy.

– Last but certainly not least, social media accounts are free marketing platforms. Not every option available is free – for instance, launching an ad campaign – but there is every opportunity to have a successful social media strategy without the need to spend your money on it. If you put in the time and know-how, you can have a digital marketing strategy up and running within an hour! This being said, it can be difficult to navigate alone, but that’s why we’re here to help.

With 10 Dollar Social, for as low as $10 a month, let us help you step up your digital marketing game. We’ll be glad to help your business not only get its start on social media, but to keep the fresh content flowing and assist with whatever pitfalls arise on the way. Give us a call today to get started, at 520-505-8921.

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