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3 Steps To Get Started On Social Media

As an ever-thriving and evolving means of advertising, social media platforms can be a crucial component when it comes to any business’ marketing strategy. However, starting up a business page on any social media platform can be a daunting task. With so many well-established businesses online, it can be difficult to imagine expanding your business’ reach to their level– but by working one step at a time, your goal of utilizing social media for your business successfully can become a reality. Let us lead you through the first few steps.

1. Choose your platform/s. Certain platforms may work well for some businesses and may not work well for others. Do your research on them. If you can’t supply plentiful pictures for your posts, you may want to scratch Instagram off of your list. If you host a lot of events, it may be good to look into Facebook, where you can plan and invite people to events with ease from your business page. Each has different aspects that may work to your advantage or disadvantage.

Also, consider what platforms your customers most often use– don’t feel shy about asking some when they come in to see you next. People are often open about which and how many social media platforms they use, and this information will come in handy when deciding which platforms you might perform best on. You want to pick places current and prospective customers will best engage with you, so starting with what your current customers use isn’t a bad idea.

2. Set up your platforms. To start, you’ll want to have enough information and pictures to provide for each platform. Make sure to include contact information and general about sections where applicable. It may help to have these written up before you actually sit down to create the accounts. If you need examples, looking at similar business’ profiles on the same social media platforms may help give you an idea of what to include.

Pictures of your business, its logos, as well as a stockpile of others for your first posts would also be great to start. These can become profile pictures and will help draw attention to your page immediately when it is visited. Pictures are also valuable tools to enhance posts, so when your first few posts go out, they will definitely benefit from having relatable pictures alongside them. Try to make pictures a habit in the long run, if possible.

3. Develop a strategy for your brand. What kind of personality do you want your business to have online? Take a good look at businesses that are well-established as well as similar local businesses, and try to get a feel for what you think best suits your business, and what seems best for interacting with an audience. Choose a character for your page and try to stick to it.

This personality comes across not only in how you post, but also what you post about and when. If you have the time or methods, you can post several times a day, but that might not be the most beneficial to you. Whether it’s multiple posts a day or just a few a week, try to find a good number and stick to it. It’s also important to try posting the same general kind of content. If you enjoy sharing tutorials and see success in doing so, try to make it a habit. Spicing up your strategy is good on occasion or if things aren’t working out, but make your presence consistent to maintain your branding image. You don’t want to confuse your followers or lose them by switching directions abruptly.

Congratulations! If you followed these steps, you’ve started a business page on social media. For help maintaining your social media, consider looking into our other blog subjects or enlisting our services for more steady assistance. We’ll gladly provide you with a steady stream of ideas, tips, and other business contacts to help you successfully navigate the world of social media.

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