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Introducing 10 Dollar Social!

Introducing a new, hassle-free, low-price option for managing your social media presence– 10 Dollar Social! For as low as ten dollars a month, let us send you useful social prompts to help you out with your social media strategy. Not sure what holidays or timely events to post about? Want to write your own posts, but need guidance and tips along the way? Whether your social media knowledge is non-existent or beyond average, these prompts can help you lead a well thought-out, successful social media strategy.

How does it work? If you’ve chosen either our Social Prompts or Social Coach packages, we’ll start sending you monthly emails containing social prompts of timely happenings and tips for the next month. Each email contains a wide variety of fresh content ideas, tailored to our client base and ready to be incorporated into social media posts. They will also include a short blog involving several tips over various areas of social media. Note that these social prompts aren’t the same as curated content– curated content is just a fancy way of saying duplicate content! Don’t be fooled by companies offering curated content for your use. At 10 Dollar Social, we’re offering real thought starters, hashtags, tips on when to post, what to post, and how to grab attention with your posts. All of this fresh information will give you unique ways to connect timely events to your business and your customers every month.

With our Social Prompts or Social Coach packages, you’ll receive our monthly Q and A newsletter, full of real client questions answered by our experienced marketing team. We will answer social media related questions submitted through our website from subscribers like you!

Social Coach also features a monthly group call with other business owners, run by our social media marketing experts.

Our services are offered with no hidden fees, so you only pay for the amount of your monthly package. Since it is a monthly service, there is no long-term contract, so you may upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any given time. If you don’t already have a social media account set up, we will even set up the profiles you’re going to use. We work with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and more– so there’s an abundance of options to work through!

How do you start? Consider what help you’ll need. Our base tier includes both the monthly social prompts and the Q & A newsletter that were already mentioned, but there are many more options to consider depending on how hands-off you’d like to be with the process, or how much help you’ll need to start out! If you’d like more direct assistance, our Social Starter and Social Plus packages includes us writing, making images for, and publishing posts for you over several platforms, multiple times a week. We begin each business relationship with a discussion about your business objectives and design our social media campaigns to be aligned with your goals. Start the conversation with us now by getting in touch! You can contact us by calling 520-505-8921 or sending an email to social@10dollarsocial.com.

Entrust us to start you in the right direction. Contact us today and begin your low-cost social media journey today. Visit www.10dollarsocial.com to learn more!

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