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Duplicate Content

Today we’d like to chat with you about duplicate content!

Duplicate content is also known as curated or syndicated content. If you’re ever told to copy and paste certain information into your social media, website, or your blog, typically that’s a pretty good sign of duplicate content. While users looking at these sources might not realize that this is content that was duplicated elsewhere, search engines will. When flagged as a creator of duplicate content, they won’t see you as a reliable source for unique, quality content.

This can be an awful thing for your website, blog, or even your social media because it’s an aspect that can affect your ranking with search engines. So remember, for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to work well, you’ll need original content. If you need help with inspiration with what to post or talk about, just check out 10 Dollar Social https://10dollarsocial.com/ or Next Marketing Level https://www.nextmarketinglevel.com/ for monthly inspiration.

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