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The Downfalls of Copy and Paste Content

Copy and paste– they’re simple commands that nearly every computer user knows how to work, but it turns out they aren’t all that great when it comes to your website’s content. Content is king, however, this phrase only works when the content is fresh and original. These two concepts are key when you’re deciding to publish information online, whether it’s on your own site, a blog, or even social media. If you’re posting duplicate content- especially if it’s only a copy and paste away from something else you’ve found- you’re only hurting yourself and your business. Let us break it down for you.

When your content isn’t original, search engines will be able to tell. Their ability to break down your content and place exactly when and where the original information showed up will hurt your ranking. Not only this, but when searching for a topic online, it can be immediately apparent to any user that what is showing up is all the same, or similar. Moreover, if someone were to get suspicious that the writing is your own, all it takes is a simple copy and paste selection from your article into the search bar and someone can find any sources that contain the same keywords. Copy and pasting from another site simply won’t cut it, if you’re aiming to be timely and attention-grabbing online.

In fact, this will only earn you negative attention. No matter how it’s provided to you in the first place, whether you’re buying the rights to copy and paste posts from an agency or you’re taking it directly from others’ sites, it will be noticed one way or another. In the worst case scenario, search engines like Google may remove you from their listings altogether. This can be a devastating blow to your business, so play it safe. Even if what you’re copy and pasting is from various sources, this tactic won’t safeguard you from their attention and due punishment.

Content is king– treat your business’ online presence as it deserves to be treated. By creating your own timely, original content you’re promoting your fresh ideas and search engines will gift you better rankings for this, but customers will also be able to tell. Original content is the best way to respect other business’ online, as well as your own. Your business is a piece of you, and it deserves to be seen in the best light you can give it. If you’re struggling with creating content, don’t depend on the copy and paste maneuver we all know so well; depend on an agency that knows the way to speak online while properly representing your business. Contact i3 today to get started in creating thoughtful, original content that can be updated in a timely, frequent fashion that will work wonders to your benefit.

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