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Does your business speak web, social, or search?

When a customer wants to do business, their first impressions no longer rely on the appearance of an establishment, speaking with the staff, or even on a first consultation– in this interconnected, digital world, the first impression most customers get of your business is now online. Before even scheduling a time to come meet with you, a customer could have easily already read customer reviews, scrolled through your website, and looked at your social media presence. If any of these factors are lacking, they may not even care to follow through with that first meeting, much the less choose your business.

So, how can a business ensure that it has enough of a positive online presence? Businesses now need to take steps to market themselves digitally, so that they can still wow customers with excellent first impressions, even if this is no longer dependent on face-to-face meetings. A smart, digital business needs to know how to speak to customers through website design, social media platforms, and search engines. If you and your business, or a business you know of, needs assistance or enhancement in this digital front, give i3 a call.

i3 is a creative team with a passion for delivering results to our customers, with our work based on what your business needs to speak to its customers. We do traditional marketing, but also focus on embracing new technology to best capture the attention of the modern customer, through branding, designing, developing and testing our methods to ensure they are up to the industry’s best standards. At i3, we speak web. Does your business?

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