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Streamlining a Brand With TV Commercials

Advertising on television remains at the forefront of marketing strategies, and while people are watching TV, they often have a smartphone nearby.  This may seem like an odd correlation to make, but when you think about how people are interacting with the commercials they see during their TV viewing time, it becomes important to acknowledge what devices they turn to and how your website stacks up.  A potential customer sees an ad for a business on TV, and they instantly want to know more – what do they do?  Chances are, they pick up their smartphone, go online, and instantly search to learn more about the company or product they just saw on TV.

If someone sees your commercial spot and then visits your website, will what they view online match what they saw on TV?  Streamlining every customer touch point is something we have discussed before, but may get lost when it comes to making sure a TV ad matches the rest of your company’s branding.  However, you don’t want someone getting one image of your company on TV and then a completely different one when they view your website or social media pages.  A breakdown in branding could cause a potential customer to think the website they found on their search was not the same business they saw on TV, and with short-lived internet attention spans, your business cannot afford to keep people searching.

If you or someone you know uses TV commercials as a way to advertise their business, the team at i3 Media Solutions can help.  We can create a strong digital presence for your company by making sure all your advertising efforts match up with a responsive website that can be viewed from any device.  Contact i3 today so your TV commercial doesn’t go to waste!

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