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Branding at Every Customer Touch Point

Branding is as important to a small business as a reputation is to a teenager. Think about those cool kids you knew in high school. You may have never actually even met or spoken to them, but you KNEW them because of their reputation. Branding works in the same way. Every potential customer is not going to have direct experience with your business, but being able to say “oh yeah, I’ve heard of that place,” is worth its weight in gold. Having a recognizable brand gives a company an immediate presence of professionalism and trustworthiness.

A crucial step in building a brand is to make sure that with every interaction a potential customer has with the company, they see the same thing. From colors, to fonts, to images, you must tie every aspect of the business together. Design elements are the basis of a brand and should be distinguishable at every customer touch point; consistency is key in the branding process. There may be multiple businesses with the same name as yours, but if a customer is doing a search, they should have no problem identifying your company at first glance as the one they were looking for.

At i3, we take time to make sure that brands are fluid through every customer touch point. We want someone to look at your website and then be able to find your company on other platforms without hesitation because they see those trademark visual items that make up your brand. Let i3 help make your brand consistent and recognizable.

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