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Embracing Pokémon Go for Business

The new augmented reality game craze, Pokémon Go, has hit the streets and lured millions of players to the quest of becoming the ultimate Pokémon trainer. With over 7.5 million downloads in the United States alone, this free-to-play app is the hottest new technology trend to release in quite some time. Synced with real-world locations, the game requires players to scatter through cities and travel to new areas, collecting valuable items (such as Poké Balls, eggs, potions) and continually strivinCat_Eeveeg to catch new, stronger types of Pokémon. Aside from an easy way to lure customers out of their homes, what does this game craze have to do with you and your business?

Businesses across the states have been benefitting greatly by incorporating the game into their marketing strategy, some as simply as by adding themed signs, making social media posts, or offering discounts for those playing the game in-store. One great benefit that you may have, is if there is a Pokéstop near or within your business. Players will be naturally attracted to these locations to collect the game items there, so especially if advertised by a sign or flyer, you can reap an excellent new source of traffic through them. Other businesses have been catching the public’s attention by offering discounts for those playing the game in-store, or for those who take a picture with a Pokémon inside. If customers are able to find rare Pokémon in your location, people will flock for the chance to catch them! Mentioning through your online sources that your business has, let’s say a Snorlax, can bring players through your doors in crowds for the chance to get one.

Pokéstops are also a great tool for your special events, especially if you put up a ‘lure’ through the game. Lures can be purchased, or found through playing the game, and attach to Pokéstops for 30 minutes at a time. They do very well with making Pokémon appear, with higher chances of rather rare ones. If one or two are set up at Pokéstops near or at your business’ event, players will be able to see this on their maps, and will naturally flock to that area to reap that catching bonus.

No matter your involvement, there are millions of consumers out there ready to do what it takes to catch ’em all! Don’t lose the chance to bring in new customers by appealing to these Pokémon trainers– embrace the game and its players will undoubtedly come to you. For more information or suggestions on how to incorporate this craze into your marketing strategy, call us today!

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