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3 Reasons to Start Bolding Text on Your Website

Let’s be honest: when staring at a screen full of words, it can be easy to let our eyes glaze over. So, one way we help ensure that your viewers can process your website content is by breaking up these blocks of text. This can be done through separating paragraphs, adding bullet points or numbers to create lists, and even changing font sizing and style. One of the simplest is through bolding, which can create emphasis for important parts of your text.

While many view bolding as a stylistic choice, style isn’t all there is to do with it! We back the idea of adding bold text for several other reasons, including:

1. Maintaining viewer attention. Let’s start simple! Bolding is a great way to help your website viewers digest your content because their eyes are drawn to the words and phrases in bold. This contrast between normal and bolded text keeps them reading, because they have breaks in the walls of text to look forward to.

2. Highlighting important information. Not only will bolding your text encourage your audience to keep reading, but it’ll also make it easier for them to take away the important parts of what you have to say. Don’t leave them guessing! By bolding the important aspects of what you have to say, you’re highlighting it for them.

3. Boosting your search engine optimization (SEO). Bold text can actually help search engines clarify what topics are covered in each page of your website! John Mueller from Google recently confirmed that bold text can help the search engine understand your content.

No matter your choice of reasoning, bolding words and phrases in your website content is a great idea to start utilizing! Do you need some help implementing this piece of advice? Have you been practicing this tip all along, but you’d like to learn more? Set up a free consultation with our marketing experts! Book yours through our Facebook page.

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