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Types of Posts You Should Make on Instagram

When it comes to creating social media content, there are so many choices of medium! Even for just Instagram in particular you can choose between posts, carousels, Stories, and Reels– so how do you pick? Well, each method comes with its benefits and limitations, so we have some suggested ways to utilize each type of post.

Here’s what we suggest you use each content type for:

Carousels – Carousels are a great way to educate your audience, giving a slide-like presentation where you can display several concepts at once. We see this sometimes best used as a way to explain a topic step-by-step! Take advantage of the flexibility to post multiple pieces of media to get creative!

Stories – Create Stories to stay on your audience’s mind! This post type gets the most views from your audience, and not necessarily those who aren’t following you, so use this to your advantage!

Stories are your chance to share day-to-day updates, whether you’re sharing tidbits from the office or news about fresh product stock. These are also how we save to Highlights, which can remain on our profiles permanently, so you can also utilize Stories to share about your business.

Reels – Reels are one of the best tools you can use for receiving good reach! Video content is on the rise and your audience wants to see you making the most of it. Take Reels as your chance to stand out, pointing out what makes your business unique and showing your face to get personal with your potential clients. The more fun and relatable your videos, the better your Reels can perform. Make sure to share your Reels as posts to your feed, as well!

Posts – Finally, the simplest of methods: posts. Posts are your ‘catch-all’ category, where any content that doesn’t fit into the above methods can easily be shared. While Reels are on the rise, don’t be scared away from making posts. These are great ways to showcase a single photo and focus in on one topic at a time, giving you the room to make your message simple and to the point or to deep dive in your caption.

Still don’t know what post type to make? We can help you strategize! Our marketing team is happy to help you with any of your marketing, not just including social media strategy. Let’s get in touch! 

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