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How to Make Your Youtube Videos Stand Out

So, you’re creating video content for your business? YouTube is a great place to share it! As a wildly popular video platform, you’ll have access to a huge, worldwide audience. What’s important is making your video content stand out, when so many users are on this platform! Not to mention, many of them create video content for a living. Here are 5 ways to make your YouTube videos stand out when posting them:

1. Make sure you create a bold thumbnail! Viewers are most likely to watch videos with eye-catching thumbnails. You may want to consider using facial expressions, text, color, and an image that matches your topic.

2. Choose an engaging title. Next to your thumbnail, your video title is one of the best ways to capture a potential viewer’s attention. Make sure it properly summarizes the video while staying fun!

3. Add a description! Descriptions are an important factor to how people can find your videos through YouTube and even search engines. Add a summary of the video as well as a brief explanation of your channel and a call to action!

4. Utilize hashtags. Yes, hashtags are important even on YouTube! By adding hashtags to your video description, you’ll help with drawing viewers in to your videos from the search function.

5. Make sure your channel information is filled in! Even if this information doesn’t appear directly on your video’s page, you’ll want to ensure it’s filled out if you want to keep the attention of your viewers. Since your videos can convert to subscriptions, this is crucial!

These are just some of the basic steps to making your videos stand out, but they’re all critical to include when publishing video content to YouTube. For help with strategizing your video content or publishing it to YouTube and other platforms, contact the i3 Media Solutions team!

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