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How to Make the Most of Story Links on Instagram

Last year, Instagram made it possible for every user to share links to their story. Once a feature only allowed to those with 10k+ followers, links can now be a critical part of turning your social media marketing into conversions! Are you taking full advantage of this new feature yet? Here are a few ways your business could start putting Story links to use:

1. Gain valuable newsletter sign-ups! Link to the part of your website where you have a newsletter form and you’ll be able to draw people to join your business’ email list. If you’re performing email marketing, this is a great way to grow your audience!

2. Highlight a product or service. Whether you have a new product hitting the shelves or if you’d like to book more of a particular service, links can be your conversion tool! Draw people straight to a website page, your online store, or your booking link so they can learn more.

3. Gather registrations! Story links are great for getting new registrations for your next event, class, or more. Make a Story to talk about the event and be sure to guide your audience to click the link to register for it!

4. Get website traffic. Your website should be one of your best conversion tools! What pages would you like more people to see? Link your audience to specific pages of your website, related to whatever Story you’re posting. This should help you get more attention drawn to your website!

5. Connect with new leads with a contact form! If social media isn’t one of the best ways to contact you, then use a link to send your potential clients where they’ll need to go. This could include another social media platform, your website, or a general page of contact information for your business.

However you decide to utilize Story links is up to you! What’s clear is that there are many advantages your business can get from incorporating this feature on Instagram. For help strategizing or implementing new social media marketing ideas, contact us! Social media marketing is one of our specialties and we’re happy to help. 

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