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Taking Advantage of Live Streaming for Marketing

Live streaming is spreading and rising in popularity across various platforms, capturing the attention of social media users with the spontaneous action. These video streams have been incredibly popular as of late, and with the amount of attention they gather, they’re now also a medium for businesses to take advantage of. Incorporating live streams into your social media marketing strategy can be a wonderful way to earn attention for your business and better connect with your audience, granted the amount of attention they receive and the opportunities they bring.

Live streams are a widely popular aspect of social media now, which already boasts a large audience. For instance, Facebook has begun taking advantage of this streaming and the effects are already clear with its viewers. According to TechCo, of Facebook’s two billion users, about 80 percent of its viewers have been watching Facebook Live videos. Furthermore, about 80 percent also claim they prefer seeing a business’ live feed than their other branding messages. Facebook isn’t the only platform with live capabilities, with Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube also enabling this feature. Take advantage of these large audiences, targeting them in a medium that will prove more engaging and appealing to them!

Live streams also give your business a wonderful opportunity for creative, engaging ways to connect with your audience. The video format allows live comments and likes, meaning you can communicate while your video is recording. There are also a wide variety of video topics that can be explored, from how-to’s and other tutorials, Q and A sessions, product announcements, and others! 

Take the opportunity to further connect with your audience by embracing this up and coming medium! The flexibility and engagement opportunities can do wonders for adding depth to your marketing strategy and creating more lively content to involve your audience with your brand! For further information, give i3 a call today to get started with learning more!  

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