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Three Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing is an opportunity we always encourage businesses to take hold of– however, while we often focus on the benefits that can come of harnessing it properly, there can be drawbacks when it comes to negative use. So, in what cases can a business’ social media engagement interfere negatively with marketing? Moreover, what techniques do we see that aren’t working when businesses use them? Let us explain three of the major mistakes we often see.

1 – Sticking to the overly-promotional material. Focusing on pure marketing and information only pertaining to your business can actually be a huge drawback, as these posts aren’t always the most interesting or attention-grabbing to viewers. If this information can be made viewer-friendly with a connection to a relatable subject or with the addition of a fun twist, then its effectiveness is greatly improved. Businesses can also earn more attention by breaking up the marketing posts with some fun, community or holiday posts in-between their marketing ones.

2 – Posting potentially-inappropriate content. This isn’t limited to avoiding curses, slang, and other poor language or imagery. This also includes avoiding comments on politics or religion, as well as any other subjects that may offend some viewers. Unless one of these aspects is important to your business, try not to broach any territory that could alienate your business from your audience due to conflicting viewpoints on sensitive subjects.

3 – Ignoring comments and messages. If a viewer is reaching out to your business in these ways, it’s best to answer in a professional and timely fashion. Often, these comments or messages are from current customers or those looking to do business, so it’s especially important to answer this contact. Your viewers can also see if you’ve been responding to others, and it will read well to them that you’re active and engaging on your social media pages.

Social media may be complicated to grasp, especially for marketing purposes, but if you avoid these mistakes you’ll be well on your way. To learn more about how to properly start up and harness social media, contact i3 today! We’re more than happy to guide you in starting or revamping a social media strategy.

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