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Three Steps to Link-Building through Social Media

Social media’s ties to digital marketing as a whole may not always be apparent, but one of the major ways social media efforts are connected is through the valuable link attention they can harness. Gaining more likes, follows, and shares and gaining the attention of potential customers all funnels down to them paying attention to the links and calls to action your business shares. Links are critical in turning this social media attention into real customers– the links in your posts, profile, and the branding you get out of social media is one of the biggest aspects that make social media pay off for your business. So, how do you accomplish getting traffic to these links? There are three major ways companies tend to do so!

1 – Add a link to your website to your social media profiles. If you’ve caught the attention of a potential customer, the first thing they’ll often do to follow through with your business is visit your profile, so having a prominent link in the main part of your profile is your best shot to convert the social media attention into website traffic. Someone looking to follow through with their interest can easily find the right information to start getting into touch and learning more.

2 – Share your existing content and link back to more. For instance, many businesses publish blogs on their websites or other places online. In this case, you can share some information from a blog on social media and then in the post, link to more information! This gets your viewers not only interested in the content your business is creating but will draw them in for more engagement with that content and with your business. Linking back to your business’ website from here will establish interest in them learning more from you as well as a means for them to get in touch and further involved.

3 – Create unique, frequent content tailored to social media to garner interest. Aside from content you’ve already created, one of the best ways to stir traffic and to influence customers to find and use your links is to get their attention. Publishing content related to your business that also interests your audience is the best strategy for social media success and for leading customers to the links you’ve established on your profiles.

If you want help with link-building or to create unique, attention-garnering content, give i3 a call today! We’ll be happy to supply you with more information and lead you through the process ourselves.

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