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Secret To Happiness

Every business is searching for new ways to attract clients, improve upon sales, and find better ways to represent themselves— digital marketing and branding is a huge part of this. Correctly done, how your business conducts itself online can improve traffic, cash flow, and overall, your brand identity and popularity. So, how does a business find that secret key to happiness with their digital marketing? It lies within the continuous analysis of your business’ digital efforts and what they’ve been doing for you. Ask yourself some questions.

Is your digital marketing getting the job done? Firstly, if your website and social media appeal aren’t amazing to you, they won’t be wowing your customers. Even if they do look great, there’s a chance their aesthetic won’t be drawing your ideal customers in. In order to convert your site visitors into clients, you need to appeal directly to your ideal customer– which may mean it’s time to rethink your digital aesthetic if that’s not already happening frequently.

Does your digital marketing feel authentic for your business? Hand in hand with aesthetic is personality. If your site visitors don’t get a good sense for your business by the general brand appeal online, then it could be giving visitors the wrong idea about you. Think about what identity you want your business to have, and if you feel it’s being translated well enough online. If that answer is no, then customers aren’t getting an authentic personality from your branding. Showcase your products and services, make sure your content is true to you, and check that the overall marketing strategy matches with what you want your business to be. It should be tailored to what you and your business are about, not just what looks good.

Finally, is your online presence ready for the future? If your website feels outdated compared to where you are in the business world now, that’s one issue; however, if you feel it isn’t updated enough for where you’ll be taking your business in the future, then this also needs to be corrected. Make sure that your marketing strategy has enough room to move forward when you do. You should feel free to explore other ideas or offer new services without feeling constrained by how you’ve represented yourself online. If you feel like you have no breathing room with what you currently have, then it needs a fresh expansion.

If you find any issues through a thorough analysis of these questions, go ahead and give us a call. We’d love to have a conversation with you about how you feel your digital marketing is doing. At i3, we will not hesitate to give you advice and an analysis of what your business could be altering for the better. Make sure your digital marketing is appealing in the right way to the ideal customers, that it is representing your business honestly, and that it is ready for your future, and your digital marketing strategy will become the secret key to YOUR happiness.

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