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Mobile Search and Restaurant Conversion

Working hard to promote your business online? Well, taking a good look at how users search for and interact with businesses in your industry is a great place to start. After all, how else will you know how to get their attention? When it comes to restaurants, this concept is no different! Luckily, many broad and in-depth studies have been conducted over the user interaction with this industry, one of the latest and most note-worthy being about how users interact with restaurants from mobile search to conversion. Allow us to give you a run-down!

As it turns out, restaurants are one of the top local and mobile search categories, according to the latest study by Nielsen. In fact, it was shown that not only do 95 percent of smartphone users perform restaurant searches but that 90 percent of these users convert within a day. In other words, a high percentage of the nationwide consumer audience looks for restaurants via mobile search, and most of these searches end with them eating at their chosen restaurant that day. To further prove how quickly this conversion between finding what they need from a mobile search and picking their restaurant happens, 64 percent of the survey respondents admitted to visiting their choice within the next hour.

There are also important parts of these users’ behaviors to take note of, such as that about 70 percent of their restaurant searches happened through apps. Moreover, there were found to be particular pieces of information more often focused on than others. Location, price, and good reviews were the top contenders for restaurant choice reasoning– meaning a good first impression and review site interaction probably went a long way.

What’s to be taken from all of this information? Well, first of all, it’s important for those in the restaurant industry to focus on strong mobile search compatibility if they want to engage their users at the optimal time and in the best method. Being sure to add open hours, location, price information, and encourage reviews are all other great aspects to focus on since they’ve been shown to best draw positive attention. Furthermore, local SEO work and review site interaction are a good way to start earning audience attention– if you can work to show up in their search criteria, you immediately become an option to them!

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