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6 Ways to Market Your Brand When Marketing has Been Tricky

Having a hard time making content for your brand? You’re not alone! Whether you’ve been trying to market your business already or you’re having a hard time starting, any number of businesses can find it hard to come up with the right content or approach for their marketing. So, what do you do to brush off the content block? Let us guide you through our 6 ways to market your brand when marketing has been difficult.

1 – Try a new platform or a fresh take on content. If your business has been marketing already, consider what platforms you’ve used and what you haven’t tried yet. You may use Facebook and LinkedIn, but have you tried Instagram or Twitter? How about Tumblr? Get creative with what you share content on and it’ll help you to reimagine how you can share information and engage your audience! Media can be a big advantage in this, so as you try different platforms, also feel free to experiment with live videos, short clips, different image types, and even one-liners to see what works best!

2 – Work on earning a reputation for your know-how. How do you become a strong voice in your industry? Start sharing information! Prove your knowledge and expertise by sharing it with your customers, others in your field, and even just curious onlookers. A great way to start doing so is in a blog format, with answers to common questions, how-tos, and information on anything from industry basics to very specific, expert-level aspects. Spice it up with a variety for the best effect, showcasing the depth of your knowledge but also appealing to the average audience.

3 – Demonstrate that you serve a greater cause or a public service. What can your business do for the community? Whether it’s assistance or donations to a local charity or other nonprofit, show what difference you’ve been making! Share information on the projects, stories, images, or even just note that you make contributions. If you use your work to help them out, it’s even better! You can also showcase another kind of public service, showing off another way you help the community. Do you believe in green business habits or support sustainable resources? Talk about it!

4 – Show what can be accomplished with your products or services. Audiences love success stories— show off the work you’ve done! Share stories and pictures from your past and present work, as well as any grand and exciting plans in the works. You can even share your ideas for future projects or what-ifs, so long as you’re working to inspire your audience. Another way to achieve this is sharing industry-related articles of cool projects or advancements that have been accomplished. Is there a new software, technique, or impressive project that you’ve seen in an article? Share it with some comments of your own!

5 –  Encourage your audience to create content for you! What’s better than having others make your content for free? Ask for your followers and clients to post with your business’ hashtag, to share their stories and testimonials, and even to share your posts! This can be done on the regular, as well as with challenges or contests to encourage a higher turnout. Contests aside, offer to showcase their pictures on your own page or story in return, and be sure to like and comment on those that do as you’ve asked! Positive reinforcement for interacting with your brand can only help encourage it.

6 – Call i3 Media Solutions! We have the digital marketing expertise needed to kickstart, review, or revise your business’ strategy! We’re happy to sit down and talk to you about your current performance and what we can do to assist it. Give us a call today!

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