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3 Tips to Help You Prepare to Start Ahead with Digital Marketing in 2018

The new year will be here before you know it– so get your marketing campaign prepared! A new year brings new possibilities! What’s in store for your marketing campaign in 2018? The digital marketing field is always evolving and moving forward, so it’s important to stay ahead of the trends– start 2018 out with a good idea of what social media audiences are now looking for! At i3, we pride ourselves on staying in the loop when it comes to the latest in marketing, so let us share some of our best tips to start off the year!

1 – Focus on authenticity. Spontaneous forms of communication are on the rise, with Snapchat, Instagram Stories, and live video functions earning popularity across various platforms. Take advantage of the audience interest in genuine, live feedback for your marketing! Showcase products and tutorials in live videos, start using Snapchat and Instagram to show updates on-the-job and give your audience a real look into your daily office life!

2 – Along with authenticity, audiences have always craved originality. One of the best ways to showcase this is in creative, new content! Staying on top of publishing creative, frequent, and timely content can do wonders for earning your business both attention and a positive reputation! Stay relevant to your brand, but use your content to answer questions, intrigue your customers, and share information with your audience.

3 – Another aspect to consider is the continued rise in video popularity! Videos are still widely popular not only on YouTube, but across various platforms. Facebook and Instagram, while both have different video sharing constraints, are also wonderful tools for posting and getting users to engage with your videos. A variety of subjects are available when not using the live option, so brainstorm what pre-recorded material you can share as a good way to mix up your content!

Altogether, these trends will inevitably evolve by this time next year, but their current popularity is a good signal to incorporate them in starting off the year! Viewers want to see genuine content made in creative ways, aimed to engage and educate them in aspects they’re interested in. Ultimately, your goal with starting the upcoming year should be to use these trends to showcase the true face of your business and its operations, giving customers the knowledge they’ll want before working with you, while also entertaining and hopefully getting them interested in your work. For more tips or help in starting off the new year right, contact i3 today!

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