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Why Hire a Professional Website Company?

A website is the face of your company, it is the first interaction with your company that many people will have – and it can make or break a potential customer’s decision to use your services. When it comes to designing your company’s website, you have many options, but should be careful with your choice.

You could do it yourself, have a friend do it for you in their spare time, or hire a professional.

Why hire someone when you could just use a template? Using a template from such places as GoDaddy.com to build a website limits your design ability and hinders the uniqueness and originality of your business. Having a professional develop a one-of-a-kind website will make your company look like a leader in the field, and could enhance your search-ability to potential customers. Plus, having to find time in your busy schedule to work on a website can be nearly impossible sometimes.

What about your computer savvy friend, can’t they just make a website for you? Well they could, but chances are they will be doing it in their spare time, after work, etc. Having someone who is not 100% dedicated to your company website can be a risky chance to take. It may be months or longer before you see a finished product, and then what happens when you need an image or any other aspect of your site changed? Will they have time to do it, will you have access to do it, or will they teach you how to make the changes if you want to?

A common issue we see with clients of ours is when they have their website redesigned, whoever completes the changes does not know how to or does not take the time to redirect the old URL to the new page. A professional website company like i3 Media Solutions will make sure that if someone has your old website address, they will have no problem being redirected to your new page and that search engines will recognize your new URL. Hiring a professional can make a drastic difference in traffic to your website and the return of customers. A professional website company will be able to do a number of things to enhance your website, including making your website easy to find, original, SEO friendly, easy to navigate, and load efficiently.

Hiring a professional website company is an investment in your business that you can’t afford to not make. Call i3 today so we can get started on building the perfect website for your business.

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