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Top 3 Crucial, Standard SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be an ever-evolving field to work in, but as in any industry, there are always important concepts to hold on to. For instance, no matter how you tie your shoes, the shoe is still going to go onto a foot– there are some principles crucial enough to SEO that experts can consider them just as simple to name! Here at i3, we have a few tips to share to help guide you on your way with SEO, even with its rapidly changing pace. When considering what to focus on when it comes to SEO, give these steps some extra precedence:

1 Watch your page loading time. Seconds count when it comes to internet usage– many potential customers will shy away from a site, even if has the information they’re looking for if they feel the page loading time is poor. It’s best to not test your audience’s patience, so try to maintain a reasonable speed.  Cutting down any unneeded elements and simplifying your site can work wonders in improving your site’s loading time, so consider reviewing your own site for these issues.

2 Check out your visitor data to monitor your Click Through Rate (CTR). Are people leaving your site before the first page loads? Are they visiting multiple pages, or moving too quickly to take in content? This can be helped with both great content and descriptive, quality meta. If your visitors are getting involved and interested in what your site has to offer, they’ll stick around! Part of this struggle is not only the content involved but also how it’s found through search engines. If your meta is directly related to your content, containing keywords relevant to it and your customers, and it’s being searched for, then you’re on the right track.

3 Add external links to your website, and encourage other places to link to you. Embedding useful resources and related business that you trust is a wonderful way to share information with your clients and to earn a positive online reputation. If your links are relevant and useful, not only will your audience appreciate it, but the websites may link back to you, too! Earning a reliable reputation will encourage review sites, local visitor sites, and even other businesses to link to your website.

Consider spending a good amount of your attention on these steps when it comes to SEO, and they’ll help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to digital marketing. Even if SEO advances rapidly, these aspects have always held an important place in maintaining a solid SEO strategy. For more information or to work on these steps yourself, give i3 a call today!

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