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Three New Tools for Businesses on Facebook

Lately, Facebook has been releasing a series of new resources and tool for small businesses to start making the most of their advertising efforts! This is a step towards focusing on businesses of all sides, the eventual aim to be providing assistance for businesses of all sorts. Lately, they’re added automated ads, video editing assistance, and appointment booking to help your business make the most of their platform! Allow us to explain each in detail:

1 – Automated Ads – This new feature will lead business owners through creating six different versions of an ad, based on how they answer its questions. It asks questions about your business, your goals with the ad, and then it will help by suggesting call-to-action buttons, images, text, and other details based on your business profile. It can even help you decide on your targeting options and budget, with helpful tips and information to give you what you need to know.

2 – Video Editing Tools – Facebook is also adding new tools to help businesses handle their video editing in-platform, with cropping, clip trimming, and even overlays of images or text! This can help business owners cut down on the time needed to edit videos professionally, instead giving them the tools they need as they upload and allowing them some easy room to impress their audience!

3 – Appointment Booking – Businesses can now manage appointments directly on Facebook, meaning customers can set their appointments up straight on their business page! This integration can make conversions much simpler for businesses, not depending on a customer to follow through with a phone call or email, but instead giving them the option to commit to the business upon first glance.

If your business is on Facebook, go take a look at Business Manager to see these newly-implemented resources! Marketing help is always there when you need it– coming from Facebook’s new resources, as well as from i3’s digital marketing blog. To learn more about these tools or for help with your digital marketing strategy, contact i3 today!  

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